Failure Analysis

An equipment failure can bring a production facility to a halt, especially if the failure is not predicable. Our consultants assist clients to identify the cause of a variety of debilitating and catastrophic failures ranging from bolt breakages through to the catastrophic failure of grinding mill heads and trunnions.

Failure analysis is an important function in preventing the recurrence of the incident once the failed components are replaced. Often failure analysis may lead to the redesign of the failed component or the system to which the component belongs.

A Boughey Pty Ltd combines a variety of problem solving techniques with advanced engineering measurement and analysis methods to provide a thorough review of the factors to overcome problems in the future.

Our assignments have included:
  • Gearbox failures
  • Gearbox inspection and analysis
  • Bearing failures - roller bearing and journal bearings
  • Gear failures
  • Structural failures
  • Crusher failures
  • SAG mill motor failures
  • Mill inspection and condition reports
  • Mill drive analysis
  • Conveyer component failures
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