Information Management

At the heart of good decision making is having adequate information at hand when it is needed. ABPL provide assistance in developing information management systems in terms of the concept design and database software applications.

Running an effective and efficient organisation requires the management to have the correct information available at any time. Off-the-shelf information systems can assist in managing the information needs of the company but usually dictate how the company must operate rather than be adaptable to the existing organisational processes and procedures.
We build custom programs focused on your particular challenges, opportunities, problems, and prospects.
Our custom database solutions fill the void left by the off-the-shelf solutions. Our solutions combine a library of database functionality with the specific needs of your organisation.

Our services include:

  • Complete needs analysis
  • Project documentation
  • Software development
  • Reporting
  • Data conversion
  • Information system upgrades
  • Installation/configuration
  • Training and support

Our database solutions are based on three simple criteria:

  1. It must be easy for ALL staff to use.
  2. It must not only store data, but must be able to present the data as MEANINGFUL INFORMATION.
  3. It must make a business process more EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE.
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